This pipe is new generation of single-wall HDPE100 pipes which has more resistance against sharp materials which could make crash on the surface of the tube. In installation of single-layer HDPE80 and HDPE100, there is a need to surround the pipe with soft or riddled soil whereas there is no need to do this for RC pipes because it has more durability against sharp material available in native soil and as result after laying down the pipe in trench, it’s possible to cover it by the same native soil.
HDPE100-RC pipes are divide into three groups:
Type 1:
This pipe, totally, is produced with RC raw material and there is no any usage of cover for inside and outside layer in process of production.

Type 2:
This pipe is produced with outside cover layer of RC for increasing the outside layer against sharp materials.

Type 3:
This pipe is produced with inside and outside cover layer of RC.

There are three main advantages of RC pipes:
Bending strength: According to MRS division which is specified in ISO 9080
Crack pressure resistance: it’s one advantage which prevent from expansion of the crack in transportation or installation.
Instant crack expansion resistance: this advantage is more usable in Gas pipeline which prevent from exploding as a result of outside pressure.