SBR is an activated sludge wastewater treatment plant. The major difference of this system with conventional activated sludge treatment plant is in sequence and flow of the fluid. In conventional systems, the fluid was in flow in continuous way and in the meantime, aeration and settlement has performed. For the case of continuous flow, the possible amount of sewerage was limited and the system could not make the treatment perfectly in a case of exceedance of these boundaries.
In SBR systems, the fluid is in flow discontinuously and unbalanced which makes the range of entrance amount of fluid wider.
Volume and design of this treatment plant is performed according to the customer needs. It must be mention that for designing and production there is no any limitation, specially, in volume of it. The factory can produce even for house or for airports.
All the treatment systems in Tosee Mehvar Sharayan Kav Co. has a year of guaranty and ten years of services. It’s only feasible, only, if the customer installed the system according to the standards which the company accepted.