Septic tank is a storage tank which operate as primary sewage treatment of houses, industrial, and public places such as hotels, airports, restaurants, and organizations.
In the part time, sewage of the houses and public places entered to the cesspools directly and ground water which was used for drinking water contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and worms which are included with the wastewater. This was the main reason for this huge investment of governments for make a treatment plans for treating home and industrial sewerage.
The sewage related to house and public places will enter to the septic tank and the solid sludge in wastewater settle down to the bottom of the septic tank after a while. The density of the sludge is more than wastewater inside which resulting to this settlement. From the other hand, some substances has less density which makes them float above the wastewater inside the septic tank and separate from it. The rest of the substances which has, almost, the same density of wastewater inside, will suspended in it for some hours. With the entrance of new wastewater, from one side of the septic tank, the same amount of treated wastewater will discharge from other side of septic tank and will entered to wastewater network.
Dimensions and volume of the septic tanks which will be used in house calculated according to some information which will provided by customer such as number of rooms, number of family member, and area of the house. In public places such as airports some other items will play an important role in calculation such as number of staff, number of restaurants and the area of them, number of flights every day and the average of passengers every day.
One vertical sheet separates the septic tank to two parts (which result to more settlement of the sludge). The connection between these two parts is via some holes in some part of the sheet.
The installation of the septic tank is too similar to underground tanks. The only difference is that the septic tanks must installed exactly horizontally.
One of the advantage of PE septic tank is its longevity. Wastewater is acidic liquid and by the time it cause corrosion on concrete and other type of septic tanks. According to resistance of PE against most of the acids, wastewater do not make any corrosion to the body of PE septic tanks.
It must be mention that, this company does not have any limitation in production of big size septic tanks and produced septic tanks with the more than the volume of 150 cubic meter.