For reducing the cost of transmission in some places two or three pipes needed to be integrated and unified to one pipeline. This unification could happen by using tee or intersection connections. For connecting a branch to the main line, also, tee could be used for make the work faster and decrease the costs.
The tee angle should be in form that the fluid impact of this branches is not totally insert to the tee as it mentioned in HDPE elbow production page. If the angle is too sharp, it’s better by using some elbows the directions are changed in a way that at the point of reaching these pipeline, the angles are suitable for connection. The purpose of the usage of these productions is for:
The diameter of the main pipeline is more than 800mm which in this case by using tee or intersection connections, the cost will decrease in comparison with other options.
There is no possibility to use HDPE manholes because of some facilities or environmental issues.