Hand holes are one type of access points in pipelines. The shape of hand holes are similar to HDPE manholes. The only difference is that shaft of hand holes are less than or equal to 600mm. Hand holes is used in several places other than sewage system which is listed below.
Water transport networks: they are suitable places for accessing to valves. It’s possible to place other belongings such as barometer and thermometer in these hand holes.
Gas transportation networks: just like water transport network, it’s possible to put belongings inside these hand holes for easy accessing. Valves and barometers are main items which could be placed inside these hand holes.
Electric, telephone, and fiber optic networks: in a places that these cables should be transport from underground, single-wall or double-wall HDPE pipes should laydown underground and the cable pass through this pipeline. In intersections or specific distances, hand holes are installed as the access points. Hand holes with the shaft diameter of 400mm are most commonly used for these purposes.