One of the cost common used products which is used by restaurants and public places is grease trapper. Grease and oil available in wastewater makes eclipse in branches of sewer pipelines and it’s prevent sewerage to transport to wastewater treatment plant. As a result, for places which the wastewater contaminated with high quantity of oil and grease such as restaurants, factories, and industrial zones its recommended to use grease trapper to filter this grease and oil.
The design and specification of grease trapper could change according to the purpose and place of usage which will calculated by our company.
The installation of these grease trapper is similar to septic tanks and the wastewater after collection will enter to the grease trapper system through one or some inlets. After separation of oil and flouting materials the rest of the wastewater will discharged form grease trapper by outlet and enter to waste water network to reach to treatment plant. This issue will help the quality of treatment as well.