For reducing the cost of the pipes in project and for selecting the suitable pipe which tolerate the dynamic and static pressure, what kind of data is required from the customers?
Generally speaking, for static calculation to select the suitable pipes the customer must provide the following information.
Depth of trench
Depth of the ground level water
Traffic loads
Soil type
Condition and type of backfilling material

Do calculation depend on specific standards?
Yes, all the calculation depends on European and American standards such as EN and ATVA

For assurance is it needed to purchase stronger pipe that calculated by factory?
For all the calculations the confidence coefficient of 2.6 (for some special cases 2) is considered. So, if the installation was according to the standards and the provided information was correct there is no need to purchase stronger pipe because this work is just wasting money.

Can we get details of the calculations?
One of the items of the contract is sharing the details of the calculation related to the pipe which is purchased. This is because the customer be aware of the type of the pipe which he bought and to be sure about it.

Is there any guaranty for the products which is purchased?
The company guaranties all the product for the specific period of time. The guaranty is valid if the customer gave the correct information about the project and
The products transported according to standards
The products unloaded according to the standards
The products stored according to the standards
The products installed according to the standards
All the standards for laying down of pipes is well considered

Shall customers install the pipes by themselves or factory will responsible for it?
In general, customers are responsible for transporting the pipes to the project site and installation of them. However, factory has expert team for executing the pipeline of installing the pipeline. By the request of the customer, the cost and condition will declare and after contract the company send his team to the project site.

Does factory have specific standards for storing and installation of pipes? How customers can get them?
Yes, the factory prepare one internal document which is the summary of national and international standards for transport, store, and install of the pipes which will be sent before the transportation of the products.

Is it possible to get consultancy from the team of the factory?
Yes, sale and design departments of the factory will provide any consultancy which is required by customers in working time. In addition, if the site visit required, the factory could send experts to visit the site in a specific time.

Do you provide your products to governmental organizations?
Yes, some privet companies and most of governmental organizations used our productions until now.

Is there any restriction in volume of the tanks and septic tanks which is produced by your factory?
We can produce septic tanks up to 250 cubic meter and for production of tanks there is no any limitation in volume.

Is it possible to bury the tanks?
Our tanks divided to underground and aboveground groups. In a case of request, the tanks will design and calculated for underground usage purposes.

Is there any fix design for construction of septic tanks and tanks?
The company has default design for each volume of tanks and septic tanks. If the customer wants to have any change in design, he can send the requested design to sale department and after negotiations the thanks and septic tanks will produce according to new design.

Is it possible to connect the PE pipe to other kind of pipes such as concrete pipe?
Yes, they can be connected by using some special materials to the concrete pipes. For these kind of connections, sale department will provide some solutions according to the conditions.