These tanks are installed above ground and do not face any outside pressure at all. Moreover, there is no any inside pressure except the weight of the liquid inside. Mostly, for discharging of these tanks there is a need to put pump and install the tank in the surface of the ground but sometimes by putting the tanks in higher places above the ground this pump can be eliminated. In both cases for inlet of the tank there is a need to put a pump for filling the tank. However, for the second option the pump must be stronger.
As it’s describe in corrugated pipes page, aboveground PE tank is installed in the place that it can be in expose of sunlight, the color of these tanks for protection against UV is black. For protection from heat at hot seasons and cold at cold weather covering the tanks with fiberglass is recommended.
The design of inside and outside of these tanks is provided by customers and in production and volume there is no any limitations. By request the quantity and places of the inlets and outlets could be vary in tanks.
Aboveground tanks are divided to vertical tanks and horizontal tanks. Both of them are in the cylindrical shape. In vertically tanks this cylinder is standing vertically but in horizontally tanks the cylinder is standing horizontally.