According to the outstanding demand of the country to pipe, tank, septic tanks, connections, and other relevant attachments of Polyethylene for usage in sewage, water, industrial, and national projects, for produce and supplying products Tosee Mehvar Sharayan Kav Co. is established and according to his capabilities and vast range of products could play a significant role in advancing the lofty goals of the country. The company based on high quality production and customer-oriented principle never be forgotten. As result, Tosee Mehvar Sharayan Kav Co. could expand his market not only in Iran but also in neighbor countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iraq and could meet the customer needs with lowest cost in comparison with other competitors.
It must be mention that, this company with his long term experience in asbestos cement, concrete, and Polyethylene pipe plays a significant role in pipe industry development.
Additionally, all the staff selected from experts in their field and the aim is to produce fully engineered products and reasonable price to the customers. So, not only in sale department but also in all other departments, especially static calculation and installation departments, we selected an expert staff.
Cooperation between departments and high technology and modern machines result to providing the high quality products in lowest possible time to the customers.